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Events and fairs 2021!

Corona has a tight grip on trade shows in 2021 as well. Some events have already been completely canceled, others will only take place digitally. Where we can we are there for you!

e-World in Essen (cancelled)
09.02. - 11.02.2021

ZMP 2021 in Leipzig
23.06. - 24.06.2021

VDE Meter Conference in Gotha
21.09. - 22.09.2021

metering days 2021 in Fulda (purely digital event)
28.09. - 29.09.2021

Master experience exchange in Travemünde

All events 2020 are cancelled due to Corona!

Due to Corona, the employees of DZG Metering will not be taking part in any further events this year.


e-World 2019: A successful start to the anniversary year

750 exhibitors presented innovative products and services to over 25,000 trade visitors at this year's e-World.

DZG was again represented at the ZVEI joint booth with its own booth and looks back on three days full of exciting encounters and intensive discussions.

At the booth in hall 5 the visitors could see the complete product portfolio of DZG. The greatest interest was again shown in the DVS74 (smart meter of DZG) and the new Bluetooth function, which enables the customer to call up his consumption data more easily and independently than previously possible using a specially developed app. The new G2 generation of the DVS74 will have the Bluetooth function integrated in the meter. In addition, there is also a PlugIn version for customers who want to upgrade later.

Another product innovation of the family-owned company is the DVSZ - the basic meter as a so-called EHZ variant (smart meter with PlugIn technology). The availability of the DVSZ is expected from Q2 2019.

The DZG team would like to thank all visitors for the interesting discussions and looks forward to seeing you again at the next event: the ZMP in Leipzig in May.

metering days 2018 and XXV. VDE Meter symposium

October and November were eventful months for DZG. At the exhibition “metering days” in Fulda as well as at the “VDE meter symposium” in Jena the DZG team was present with its own booth.

The greatest interest of the numerous visitors was the latest product extension of the DVS74 (smart meter of DZG). Next year this meter will be launched as Generation 2. It will then consist of only a few individual parts, the auxiliary voltage will be integrated as standard and it will contain the Bluetooth function (integrated or as a plug-in) presented at this year's e-world. This enables the end customer to retrieve his consumption data more easily and independently than previously possible using a specially developed app.

A further product extension of the family business is the DVSZ (modern measuring device as plug-in meter). This is expected to be launched at the end of Q1/beginning of Q2. DZG will communicate concrete details at the exhibition “e-world” next year.

At both events, Peter Zintl, Managing Director of DZG Metering, gave a lecture on "Smart meter - with modern customer information and service interfaces".


Anyone who believed that the development of TRuDI, the transparency and display software, would already meet all the display requirements of PTB and calibration authorities will be surprised that this is not the case. In addition to TRuDI, further software is required for the verification of Smart Meter Gateways in order to be able to prove the correct functioning of the device.

The type examination certificates for SMGWs previously issued by the PTB were imposed with conditions, so that the use of the devices in the market is only permissible if the manufacturer provides corresponding testing software for diagnostic tests.

The name PRüDI was chosen for this program.

The main functions of PRüDI are as follows:

  1. Verification of signed TRuDI import data:
    The verifier requests the signature certificates of the smart meter gateway to be verified from the gateway administrator (GWA) and can thus check the original measured value list queried via TRuDI from the SMGW and the TAF profile. The calibration log of the SMGW is also delivered via the GWA and the signed entries contained therein are verified. This step provides clarity as to whether the queried data actually originates from the SMGW to be verified and whether this data is complete and unadulterated.
  2. Visualization:
    In addition to the display of the original measured value list, the tariff profile and the calibration log, PRüDI also displays the derived measured value registers invoiced to the final consumer.
  3. Retroactive billing of tariff application cases:
    The auditor can verify the correctness of the tariffing carried out internally by the SMGW by manually entering the contractually agreed tariff switching times in PRüDI and then having PRüDI calculate the derived registers.

PRüDI will also have modular device drivers that enable all SMGW manufacturers to adapt the software to their own requirements.

PRüDI is expected to be available in autumn 2018.

TRuDI - For transparency in current measurement

As a member of the working group BundesDisplay, DZG has successfully contributed to the development of the open source software "TRuDI". This has now been released for public use by the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB).

The transparency and display software (TRuDI) enables end users to display their energy requirements in a uniform, manufacturer-independent manner and to check invoices.

TRuDI is available as operating system-independent open source software free of charge for public download. Thus the use is unrestrictedly possible.

e-World 2018: Successful Days for Deutsche Zählergesellschaft

With 750 exhibitors and around 2,500 visitors, the exhibition “e-World energy & water” was again well attended this year.

DZG was represented at ZVEI joint exhibtion booth with its own booth. There was a large crowd of visitors on all three days of the exhibition.

The greatest interest was in the latest product extension of DVS74 (smart meter of DZG) with a Bluetooth function, which enables the end customer to call up his consumption data more easily than before. The data is visually prepared independently by means of a specially developed app. DZG plans to be able to offer this expansion to its customers in the course of the third quarter of 2018.

Another product innovation of the family-owned company is the WS74 - a smart meter for single-phase operation, which can also be upgraded to an intelligent metering system by means of a pluggable LMN interface.

DZG and its team would like to thank you for the great interest in their products and are already looking forward to welcoming their customers with further new products at the exhibition “metering days” in Fulda.

Partner MeterPan certified as independent solution provider for GWA

The certification of MeterPan according to ISO 27001 and TR-03109-6 for the Smart Meter Gateway Administration (SMGA) was successfully completed in 2017. MeterPan thus meets all legal requirements for SMGA. As an all-round service provider for smart metering point operation, MeterPan meets the high security requirements placed on SMGA and offers all services of intelligent metering point operation from a single source.

The complete certification corresponds to the basic MeterPan approach of in depth integration of the processes. In addition to the complete integration of all IT processes, the necessary electricity meters - DZG smart meter DVSB and DZG smart meter DVS74 - are continuously tested and have already been successfully assembled in ongoing Smart Meter pilot projects.

The state-approved testing centre EBB1

In December 2016, the EBB1 testing centre of DZG was officially recognised and was able to resume operations.

You can find information about our testing centre and the associated services here on our website!

The law is a done deal

On 8 July 2016, the Federal Council passed the Act on the Digitalisation of the Energy Turnaround. This also includes the new “Messstellenbetriebsgesetz” (MsbG), which came into force on 2 September 2016.

Politicians have now set the start date for the assembling of smart meters at 1 January 2017. This marks the beginning of a new phase of energy revolution.

The introduction of smart metering systems as a secure communication platform with a uniform infrastructure continues to be at the heart of the digitalization of the energy system transformation.

The rollout takes place in several stages:

  • For large consumers (> 10,000 kWh/a) and producers (> 7 kW installed capacity) it starts in 2017.
  • From 2020 for smaller consumers (6,000 to 10,000 kWh/a) and larger generators (> 100kW installed capacity)

This means a considerable conversion to meet the new requirements in sales, in the distribution network, in procurement or also in the control of existing plants with renewable energies.

The new “Messstellenbetriebsgesetz” (MStBG): What about the good old Ferraris meter?

The electromechanical electricity meter, also known as the Ferraris meter, will be finally replaced after the passing of the law on the digitalisation of the energy revolution.

What exactly the specifications are and what possible options there are to delay the installation obligation, you can read in the article "Das neue Messstellenbetriebsgesetz (MStBG): What will become of the good old Ferraris meter?

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!