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DZG Software

Constantly changing requirements in the energy market and a continuously growing portfolio of DZG products demand, among other things, the provision of tools for the measuring point operator in order to be able to manage the metering technologies used effectively, efficiently and optimally.

At the same time, the legislator requires the provision of user software for end customers in order to provide them with certified software for checking their electronic invoices.

DZG is the first supplier to have a transparency software certified by PTB in accordance with PTB requirement 50.7 and is thus in a position today to supply its customers with metering systems for central tariffing. Other DZG software tools include "DZG MeterView", "DZG BasemeterView" and "DZG Config".

Transparency software

In order to implement a central and thus dynamic tariffing of electricity consumption (EDL40 mode of our DVSE meter), it is legally necessary to provide the end customer with certified software for checking his electronic invoice.

By using our DVSE meter with signature and our software an unnoticed manipulation of the data on the way from the meter to the customer is impossible.

DZG MeterView

DZG MeterView is a software for reading meters via the optical or RS485 interface.

Optical interface

  • DxSB
  • DxS74
  • WS74
  • DxSE

RS485 interface

  • DVH4013
  • WH4013
  • MDVH4006



DZG BasemeterView

DZG BasemeterView enables independent reading and setting of selected parameters via the LMN interface of DVSB meter.



DZG Config

DZG Config is a configuration program for the following products:

  • all LoRa devices
  • MDVH4006