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Products for the electrical industry

Electronic electricity meters are the future and will gradually replace the old Ferraris meters. At DZG you will already find a diverse portfolio of different solutions for customers from the electrical industry.

Our meters are available in the accuracy classes A, B and C and are in accordance with the European Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) without exception.

  • Diverse product portfolio
  • External communication modules
  • Submetering

Steadily growing product range

The ability to communicate is common to all DZG products and if necessary, DZG can also supply you with an external communication module. The aim is to enter the "smart home world", where smart meters can be used to obtain and cleverly evaluate measured values.

You will also find remotely readable electronic meters for small businesses (from single-tariff reference meters to four-quadrant meters), various DIN rail meters according to DIN Rail and intelligent electronic three-phase meters.

The product range of DZG is constantly growing and is therefore always up to date with the latest technical developments. DZG is also happy to supply you with DIN rail meters for e-mobility, street lighting and, of course, high-precision products for the construction of complex switchgear.


Submetering refers to the use of "sub-meters" with which the power consumption of individual systems, machines or even business units and departments can be measured precisely. The cutting is entirely up to you and your customers.

The advantage lies in the exact cost estimate and step-by-step reduction. It quickly becomes apparent when individual machines or points of consumption consume too much power - if desired even thanks to automated messages. In the context of process optimization, the data obtained can be analyzed, grouped and evaluated in real time, for example according to time periods or peak times. In this way, a basis is created for dynamic pricing, the creation of a CSR profile and, of course, invoicing and adjustment of advance payments during the year.