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Certified test centre EBB1

Accurate and certified.

With digital meters, accuracy is what counts. In order to guarantee this, DZG operates the EBB1 test centre at Oranienburg, which is certified by Berlin-Brandenburg State Office for Metrology and Verification (Landesamt für Mess- und Eichwesen Berlin-Brandenburg).

Their advantage lies in the calibration of electronic and mechanical meters of all brands as well as the calibration of various additional electronic devices. In addition, DZG gives support with diagnostic tests and, on request, can prepare expert reports.

In short, as a test centre operator DZG offers all services for energy suppliers and metering point operators.

Services of the test centre

Calibration of meters

National calibrations of electronic and mechanical meters, calibrations of repaired mechanical, hybrid and fully electronic meters of all manufacturers and brands. Verification of electronic auxiliary equipment.


Sample inspection

According to GM-VA SPV (Procedural Instructions for Sampling Procedures for the Extension of the Calibration Period), tests for extending the service life of electric energy meters (with induction or electronic measuring mechanism) located in the network of energy suppliers.

Diagnostic meter tests

To support consumer protection - independent verification of compliance with the required measurement accuracy of electric energy meters used in commercial transactions with preparation of an "expert opinion". Creation of test reports.


Specialist support

The technical competence of the test centre enables the support of acceptance tests of meters for third parties.

These tests are carried out for mechanical and electronic meters according to the European standards EN 60514 (DIN 0418 part 6) and EN 61358 (VDE 0418 part 60), independent of manufacturer.