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Your specialist for meter assembly of all supply media

DZG has many years of experience in the field of meter assembly and will be happy to assist with our own qualified and effective service and assembly team operating throughout the whole of Germany.

Together with you, DZG individually coordinates the services, the scope of services, the performance periods and the necessary organizational processes.

DZG has experienced project managers and uses a modern and powerful IT system solution for data management.

  • Meter selection and configuration
  • Assembling and removal of meters for all consumable media
  • Monitoring of operating data
  • Clearing faults
  • Commissioning of remote data transmission systems

DZG assemblers and project managers

Highly motivated, technically experienced and service-oriented

DZG assemblers are

  • all trained electricians
  • all trained in working under voltage
  • equipped with an operational standard of metering instruments, personal protective equipment, tools for working unter voltage and the neccessary aids for commissioning the metering instruments
  • experienced in handling various mobile data acquisition devices
  • experienced in the handling of different data acquisition systems
  • trained for the assembling of modern meters and additional equipment
  • trained in accordance with the current state of the Technical Connection Conditions

Direct contact persons for contractual partners

DZG project managers

  • are highly qualified in their field
  • are very familiar with the technical requirements and the assembly processes on site
  • work with the current standard of office, communication and planning systems
  • plan, coordinate and monitor order-related assemblies and organizational processes
  • monitor and invoice the contractual services rendered



Our services

Tariff customers

Standard processes and assemblies in the plannable mass business

  • for meter cycle change
  • for the replacement of samples

 Standard processes in day-to-day operations

  • Installation of measuring and additional devices in new plants
  • Meter change for plant modifications and plant extensions
  • Removal of measuring and auxiliary equipment in the event of system breakdowns


 Technical clarifications

 Data recordings

Special rate customers

Installation and commissioning of measuring sets with

  • half-indirect measurement
  • indirect measurement

Configuration and pre-assembly of measuring sets

Functional checks and metrological checks in existing plants

Configuration, parameterisation and commissioning of remote data transmission