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DZG product returns

We are convinced that you will have much pleasure with our products. However, sometimes it can happen that you want to return a product for certain reasons or occasions.

We try to process all returns as quickly as possible.

It is therefore not necessary to bring products personally to our office.

Please return the goods in the original packaging or pack them in such a way that the goods reach us undamaged. Please fill out the complaints form and enclose it with the goods.

The return policy is part of the general terms and conditions and can be adapted to changing market conditions at any time.

Please announce your goods to a person you know or to the sales representative responsible for you. Returns of goods that reach our factory without prior notice cannot be assigned and will be processed at the customer's expense. Goods returns should always be "free domicile (DDP)". You are responsible for the returned products until we have received the products.

Furthermore, we request clarification of a delivery date for shipments exceeding the size of one pallet.

Returnable goods

  • The delivery may not be made more than 12 months in the past
  • Not used, originally packed, (not stretched) undamaged and ready for sale
  • Correspond to the current production, normative and legal status
  • Fill in the complaints form and enclose it with the shipment

The assessment of goods and packaging is carried out by the incoming goods inspection of DZG Oranienburg mbH.

Return address:

DZG Metering GmbH
Heidelberger Str. 32
16515 Oranienburg