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DZG Software

Constantly changing requirements in the energy market and a continuously growing portfolio of DZG products demand, among other things, the provision of tools for the measuring point operator in order to be able to manage the metering technologies used effectively, efficiently and optimally. At the same time, the legislator requires the provision of user software for end customers in order to provide them with certified software for checking their electronic invoices.


The following link will take you to the current software versions for download:


DZG MeterView

DZG MeterView is a software for reading meters via the optical or RS485 interface.

Optical interface

  • DxSB
  • DxS74
  • WS74
  • DxSE

RS485 interface

  • DVH4013
  • WH4013
  • MDVH4006


DZG BasemeterView

DZG BasemeterView enables independent reading and setting of selected parameters via the LMN interface of DVSB meter.


DZG Config

DZG Config is a configuration program for the following products:


  • LoRa devices up to hardware version V473. From version V473 onwards, please use the LoRa Config application.
  • MDVH4006

DZG Dvs74 Config

The DZG DVS74 Config application is fully compatible with DVS7x series meters.

This programme allows you to conveniently set Schedule 3 settings as well as read out the configuration of your meter.

DZG LoRaConfig

Our configuration tool LoRa.Config offers you a user-friendly and uncomplicated solution for setting up communication for your smart metering systems via our LoRaMod communication modules.

With the help of this tool, you can not only read out the configuration of the modules, but also adjust it.